Piedras Bayas by Entre Tapias

Piedras Bayas is a strategic stop before boarding Ansilta slope, used for hundreds of years by cattle drovers, who know the area like few others. It is built with handmade stone walls to keep out the wind and cold. It is used by those trying to cross the 4.700 meters high of Ansilta´s pass at dawn.
Not at all a simple stop, this rustic refuge is located in a place chosen after an intensive search, since it must be provided with water, firewood and fodder for animals.

Our Piedras Bayas line represents that concept, the perfect base to keep on working in order to give the next step the following day; high quality wines that are the result of great effort and passion.

These are young wines in which we want to highlight the fresh fruit; varietal traits are our main motivator. They have intense colors (as a result of altitude), intense and vibrant aromas, balanced acidity and medium body.

Represents the maturity of our wines, passed through American oak barrels of medium toast and stowed in our cellar. We achieve wines of great character and body, persistent and round in the mouth.


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